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Imaginative Trailblazers

Trailblazer Festival

At CWSS, we take our play seriously and every year, we organise the trailblazer festival where every student is involved in a maker activity. In 2018, we all came together to make our own race car and even raced each other in a friendly competition. This year, we took it up a notch by building a chariot complete with a catapult to shoot at targets during the race. Check out the adrenaline, screams and laughters at our Trailblazer Festivals!

Trailblazer Festival 2019
Car Race 
Trailblazer Festival 2020
Chariot Race 
Trailblazer Festival 2021
Sphero Bolt Challenge  

ECLAT 2.1 - An Aesthetics Showcase

Eclat sets the stage for our Aesthetics and Performing Arts Champions to showcase their various levels of creations. As Trailblazers, our students start with sharing their own interpretation of an existing work of art before they progress to the more advanced creation of their own work of art from scratch. This year, due to the Safe Management Measures in place, we were forced to move Eclat online but that definitely did not dampen our Champions' creativity. Check out the first 4 Episodes of Eclat below!

Episode 1 Episode 2

Episode 3
Episode 4