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Imaginative Trailblazers

Our Mission is to nurture Imaginative TrailBlazers through The TrailBlazer Programme (TBP) which is our in-house signature Creativity Curriculum. The curricula is anchored by our school’s Creativity Framework, which guides the design and delivery of creativity education in Commonwealth Secondary. The TrailBlazer Programme (TBP) aspires to discover and build creative confidence in our students, and develop Commonwealthians to become Imaginative Trailblazer equipped with the following traits and mindsets:

  • Equipped with an Innovative and resourceful mindset
  • Active creators and innovators 
  • Resilient and not afraid of failures
  • Courageous and confident to share creative thoughts freely
  • Collaborative and build on the ideas of others. 
  • Reflective and seek feedback to improve oneself