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Student Leadership Development

Commonwealth Secondary School’s Student Leadership approach is based on Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership model. We aim to develop Champions who desire to serve the needs of others, and to champion causes that benefit others. 

Throughout their years with us, Champions are given opportunities to take up leadership roles in their project groups, class discussions, or as subject representatives and as class committee members. Passionate student will also be given the opportunity to take up and lead in school-wide leadership appointments such as CCA Leaders, or as Student Councilors.

Student Council

The Student Council is a student-led organisation whose mission is to represent and serve the student population by Building the Commonwealthian spirit through fun, enriching programmes and activities; Promoting a nurturing school environment through peer support; and exercising influence to maintain a safe and conducive learning environment.

Student Councilors go through a rigorous training programme to learn how they best serve the student population. They do so through three distinct wings as indicated below. All three wings work together as one to ensure a better school experience for their peers. 
Peer Support Leaders

They provide support and maintain relationship by ensuring a caring and welcoming school environment for all students. Opportunities are given to these leaders to mentor the junior as well as to plan and run Secondary 1 orientation camp.
Student Union

They lead the school in the building of school spirit, pride and culture which will provide a passionate and inspiring school environment for all students. Opportunities are given for student-led activities and initiatives to improve the school learning environment. 
Prefectorial Board
Prefects are exemplary students who are role models for their peers and juniors. Opportunities are given to positively influence their peers on our school’s code of conduct. They also able to conceptualise and implement school-wide initiatives that reinforce school discipline and well-being of their peers.