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Student Leadership Development

Student Leadership @ CWSS

Commonwealth Secondary School’s Student Leadership approach has adopted Robert Greenleaf’s Servant Leadership model as it aims to develop servant leaders who desire to serve the needs of others, and to champion causes that benefit others. 

We aim to help every student to find an area in which he/she can excel. Students are given opportunities to take up leadership roles in their projects groups, classroom discussions or as subject representatives. Passionate student leaders will also be selected to take up school-wide leadership appointments such as CCA Leaders, House Captains, Prefects, Peer Support Leaders and Student Councillors.

Activities conducted during the Annual Cohort Level Camps are designed to build the 10 Servant Leadership Qualities. 

Student Council

Commonwealth Student Council is a student-led organisation whose mission is to nurture passionate Commonwealthians who possess the desire to serve the school and develop a growth mindset. The Council is divided into 5 groups named after the school values (Warmth, Enterprise, Adventurousness, Loyalty and Tenacity).

As Servant Leaders, the Student Council believes in being the bridge between the student body and the school management. Student Councillors actively reach out to their peers and hear their concerns through platforms like Student Forum, Feedback Box and Focus Group Discussions. Issues raised during the Student Forum are discussed with the School Management for possible implementation.

Student Councillors are actively involved in the designing, planning and running of school-wide events such as Teachers’ Day Celebration, ACES Day Workout and Valentines’ Day Fundraising and Sec 1 Orientation. The Student Council also runs the Secondary 1 Servant Leadership Camp which aims to inculcate three Servant Leadership qualities of Listening, Healing and Empathy.
Prefectorial Board

The Commonwealth Secondary School Prefectorial Board is a student-led organisation that reinforcing school rules and assists in managing student discipline. Prefects apply the “Persuasion” quality of a Servant Leader during the engagement with the student body as the Prefects are required to rationalise the purpose of school rules and attempt to create buy-in with the student population. The Prefectorial Board is made up of 2 teams led by the Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefect. 
Peer Support Leaders

Peer Support Leaders (PSL) are responsible for providing emotional support to their peers by working closely with school counsellors, Year Heads and the Class Mentors. PSLs are apply the Servant Leadership Qualities of Listening, Healing & Empathy in order to care for others.

Peer Support Leaders are also involved in a number of school events such as the Sec 1 Servant Leadership Camp and Orientation, where they work closely with the Student Council to make incoming Sec 1 students feel welcome and to gently integrate them into the secondary school environment. Outside school, the PSLs is also involvd in a Mentoring Project at Lakeside Primary School.