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Academic Programmes

We nurture Confident Learners with a Growth Mindset and the 5 Minds (Disciplined, Synthesising, Creating, Respectful, Ethical) for the future. We are a thriving community for innovation, discovery, expression and accomplishment, where our students can push boundaries to improve, be open to explore new ideas, communicate their thoughts effectively and acquire the ability to self-assess and self-regulate their learning.
Personalised Digital Learning Programme 
In order for Commonwealthians to be confident learners and imaginative trailblazers with 21st century competencies, our students must be skillful at using the latest technology to enhance their learning anytime, anywhere, responsibly. 

At Commonwealth, students bring their own Personal Learning Device (PLD) to school. They will use the devices to activate their learning by accessing varied digital resources, to think critically via data analysis and collaborative discussion, to demonstrate learning through quizzes, creation of digital products and presentation, as well as to receive timely and customised feedback from teachers and peers. 

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Bring your Own PLD
More details on the technical specifications of PLD (eg: Windows laptop/tablet with stylus input) and funding (eg Edusave Pupil Fund and subsidies) will be provided during the Secondary 1 orientation briefing for parents.

English Language & Literature
  • The ELL Department aims to nurture students to be passionate and confident explorers of the language and literature. 
  • The CWSS ELL Curriculum is designed to offer students opportunities to cultivate mastery of language and literature through providing experiential learning opportunities as well as platforms for them to broaden their perspectives.
  • Some of these include Drama-in-Curriculum, Reading-in-Curriculum, Poetry Trails, Learning Journeys to musicals/plays/museums and engaging project tasks (creation of podcasts, vlogs, mini drama production and etc.)
  • The ELL Department also offers English Literature at the Upper Secondary level for those who demonstrate keen interest in the subject.
Talent Development 
  • The ELL Department Talent Development Programme has two arms: Writing & Speaking.
  • The Creative Writing Talent Development Programme is for students who are passionate in creating poetry and prose, while the Speaking Talent Development Programme is for students who find that they enjoy sharing their ideas with others through the spoken word. 
  • They will be identified at Secondary 1 and are given opportunities for exposure through in-house workshops, experiential learning journeys and participation in competitions to enhance and develop their craft.
  • The Creative Writing Talent Development Programme students are encouraged to develop their portfolio for suitable writing competitions and for submission to the MOE Gifted Branch’s Creative Arts Programme Seminar. 
  • The Speaking Talent Development Programme students are encouraged to broaden their experience through the various training platforms and work towards participation in the Orator’s Trophy and the Plain English Speaking Award (PESA). 

English 2.jpeg

Our Literature students go on poetry trails to gain inspiration for their poetry creation.

English 1.jpg

Students from our Talent Development programme taking part in external competitions
Students keen to pursue Higher Mother Tongue Languages, Hindi and Tamil Literature can do so in-house at CWSS. We are also a Centre for Higher Chinese and we are one of the three Secondary schools offering Tamil Language Elective Programme in Singapore.

 TL Drama Workshop cum Competition  Tamil Language Book Sharing Session

Tamil Language Elective Programme
To nurture the love of Tamil Language and and Literature from young, TLEP focus on building a strong foundation for students’ appreciation of language and culture through the study of MTL Literature at secondary level. 

Under this two-year programme, students will participate in a series of literary, enrichment and immersion activities, organised by both MOE and schools. This includes local camps, overseas immersion trips and school-based activities such as Meet-The-Author sessions and Literary Lectures.

MTL1.jpg MTL3.jpg

MT Fortnight Activities

CWSS MTL Experience Programme
Through 1. Cultural Experience Platform 2. Creative Writing Platform 3. Reading Platform & 4. Effective Communicator Platform, CWSS MTL Experience Programme aims to promote cultural awareness and appreciation of our cultural root. Through the various platforms, MTL Department supports weaker learners and enhance learning experience for the high ability learners.


Chinese Calligraphy Programme for Sec 1

Learning Journey to cultural hotspots


National ML Debate Champion 2019

The Mathematics programme adopts a two pronged-approach in instruction, through activity-based learning and teacher-directed learning that imparts concepts, skills and positive attitudes towards Mathematics. 
Real-world applications of Mathematics and ICT are used to stimulate creativity and nurture reflective problem solvers. 

Talent Development
Enrichment programmes provided for interested and able students include the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course and International Mathematical Modelling Challenge.

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The Science programme aims to inculcate the spirit of scientific inquiry in the pursuit of academic excellence
  • It aims to create the buzz and excitement of learning through exploration, investigation and experimentation
  • Teachers advocate the value of science as a relevant and meaningful tool in understanding the physical and natural world

Talent Development
  • Students passionate about the Sciences can participate in the Science Competitions, programmes and learning journeys which provide them with opportunities to further develop their interest and abilities.
  • The Science Mentorship Programme and the School-based Science Mentorship Programme are offered by MOE’s Gifted Education Branch to develop students’ interest and talent in scientific research. Students at upper secondary levels who are keen to further pursue their interest in research can undertake authentic scientific research with guidance from external mentors in IHLs (SMP) and our own CWSS teachers (SB-SMP).

science 3.png
Enriching and deepening learning through learning journeys 
Science 2.pngScience 1.png

Learning Science through hands-on exploration, experimentation and analysis

  • The Humanities Programme adopts Inquiry-Based Learning to spark curiosity and nurture self-directed learners with strong critical and analytical skills
  • Students learn experientially through History Learning Journeys, Geographical Fieldwork and Work Experience Programme for Elements of Business Skills
  • Students learn to understand, analyse, evaluate and make judgements in a business environment through subjects such as Principles of Accounts and Elements of Business Skills

Talent Development
    • Students passionate about the Humanities can participate in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Talent Development Programme which provides them with opportunities to further develop their interest and abilities.
    • These opportunities include participating in Model United Nation Conferences and NUS Geo Challenge Competition to engage, empower and educate students on world issues via the Humanities lens.
Humanities 2.png

Commonwealthians participating in Model United Nation Conference
Humanities 3.png

Humanities Enrichment Fieldtrip to Botanic Gardens

Humanities 1.png

Learning Humanities through the Inquiry approach

Humanities 4.png

Designing their own water filtration system at 
Gardens by the Bay
  • The department has a range of learning activities catered to students across various levels. Our aim is to nurture passionate learners who enjoy creating, making, problem-solving and appreciation of design in our daily life.  
  • We believe that by helping students to uncover their inner passion and strengths, this will allow them to unlock their creative confidence. 
  • Design and Technology curriculum adopts Design Thinking pedagogy as a way of thinking in designing and leverages on appropriate technology and ICT to create prototypes.
  • For the Lower Secondary programme, students can expect an exciting line up of mini hands-on projects where students get to prototype using cardboard, foam and resistant materials (acrylic, wood & metal)
  • For the Upper Secondary programme, students can refine their prototyping skills through enrichment programmes, including the application of 3D software and technology to realise design solutions which address user needs based on real-world contexts. Learning journey is also arranged for our Upper Sec classes to visit the Red Dot Museum to learn about the importance of good design.

Lower Secondary D & T Project
Metal Toy Car and Wooden Magnetic Block Toy Plane

Upper Secondary D& T Project
Wire Loop game and Marble Run

Learning Journey to Red Dot Design Museum

 D_T Photo 1.jpg

  • An Art programme that marries depth with breadth viz visual art, art theory, art history and art critique 
  • The programme's project-based approach encompasses exploring, investigating, experimenting, inventing, designing and making in a range of media
  • A strong infusion of technology and design into lessons to create a robust aesthetic experience
 Art Photo 1.jpg
  • Lower Secondary FCE programme adopts a master-chef style programme to develop students' interest, supported by the school’s well-equipped kitchens
  • The programme broadens students’ perspectives by exposing them to international cuisine 
  • Instils self-directed learning through the use of instructional videos
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 Physical Education

Commonwealth Secondary School’s PE Department takes pride in providing a curriculum anchored on building up students’ confidence, belief and resilience - necessary for a successful transition from the physical education setting to partake in physical activity during adulthood. Our curriculum is conceptualised to Engage, Enthuse, and Equip students with skill sets, values and knowledge in the various components listed below.

  • The programmes are planned and taught using student-centred and experiential learning approaches. Differentiated instruction is also used to cater to the varying abilities and interests of our students.
  • In the Games Module, students are taught concepts and skills using various games -  Handball, Volleyball, Floorball and Softball.
  • In the Outdoor Education Module, students learn to connect with and care for the community and the environment. They benefit from being in nature and the outdoors, and also learn to manage the safety of self and others.
  • In the Physical, Health and Fitness Module, students learn about meaningful connections between health concepts and practical applications through experiential learning. Students learn about good health practices in nutrition, exercise, safety and hygiene as they are put through regular and purposeful health-enhancing physical activities and learning tasks.
  • Our other niche programmes include Resilience Walk, Games Day, Inter-Class Games, Annual Cross Country, Outward Bound Camps, Sec 2 Experiential Camp, and Sports Education Programmes.

  • The General Music Programme aims to equip students with the ability to express themselves through creation and performance of various types of music. The programme harnesses creativity through collaborative learning and the application of musical skills. 
  • Through active listening and performing, the Secondary One programme cultivates students to be articulate in their responses towards music across different genres and cultures. 
  • Secondary Two students learn to compose music with the GarageBand computer application, using techniques from the movie and music industry. 
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