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Aesthetics & Performing Arts

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School’s Arts Education Policy

The school's arts education policy is premised on the school’s Total Curriculum Framework of Creativity, Character and Content, and student outcomes. The C3 Framework addresses the school’s vision, mission and values. The Creativity Curriculum Framework specifically sets the direction for aesthetic programmes. Aesthetics units and committees craft out programmes and build in specific characteristics based on the Creativity Curriculum Framework.
Aesthetic programmes were crafted based on the following from the Creativity Curriculum Framework
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To help us realise the Creativity Curriculum Framework, we adopt a “3A” approach in the conduct of the Aesthetic Programme via Appreciation, Attainment and Ambassadorship.

1. Appreciation:
Provide each and every student with the opportunity to appreciate the arts through arts exposure and experience, such as performing arts assembly programmes, Music, Art and Drama curriculum, attending professional performances, special interest group outings. At this level, students are given the opportunity to be exposed to different art forms, hence widen their existing knowledge in arts.

2. Attainment:
Develop talented students to their fullest by igniting passion and inspiring excellence. Talented students in the performing arts CCAs are given opportunities to hone their skills through instruction by well-renowned coaches, local and international workshops and master classes. For students who are not in the performing arts CCAs but display talents and interests in the aesthetics, interest groups are formed to further develop their skills to the fullest.

3. Ambassadorship:
Illuminate new frontiers by contributing to the community as ambassadors for the arts. Students from performing arts CCAs and interest groups frequently showcase their talents at various performing platforms such as major school events, school concerts and to the community.

The school’s long-term goals for arts education are as follows:

1)        To allow our students to be passionate learners and imaginative trailblazers through structures and systems put in place to promote Arts Education

2)        To engage students and staff in aesthetics so as to build a community of learners in realising.

The school’s short-term arts education goals are as follows:

1)To develop students in the understanding and the application of the skills learnt through the Art Instructional Programmes, performing arts CCAs as well as the arts enrichment programmes, from personal achievements to achievements obtained at the school level.
  2)To ensure succession in aesthetic interests and skills from the older batch of students to the younger batches, so as to be ambassadors of the art forms they represent.

A structured and consistent approach was adopted to ensure all students were involved in aesthetic exposures at different levels. This is achieved through a few different areas:  school-wide programmes, art instructional curriculum, aesthetic CCAs and enrichment programmes in art forms such as music, art, drama, dance, digital and visual art. 

Performing Arts 

Commonwealth Secondary School is well-known for our niche in Performing Arts CCAs. The various CCAs include Band, Chinese Dance, Choir, Drama, Indian Dance, Malay Dance and Urban Nature, our very own percussion group. Majority of these CCAs have consistently attained top honours at the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging since 2001. In the recent SYF Central Judging held in 2019, the school has attained four distinction awards, one commendation and one accomplishment award.
                                                                                                           Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging Results
Performing Arts CCAs2021
Chinese DanceDistinction
Choir -
Indian Dance Distinction
Malay Dance Distinction 

A wide variety of performing and competition platforms were provided for the students as deliverables of their learning in their CCAs. Students were given opportunities to perform at school events such as CCA Open House and annual Performing Arts Showcase, festive celebrations such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali, International Friendship Day and friendly competition such as Battle of Dancers.
CWSS 50th Anniversary 2014-Rhapsody of Colours at Esplanade Theatre on the Bay


SG50 Youth Celebrate 2015 – Opening of the Singapore Sports Hub!

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Due to the commendable results our dancers attained in SYF 2013, the Student Development Curriculum Division in Arts Education invited our school’s dancers to participate in the opening item of the Singapore Sports Hub of SG50 Youth Celebrate 2015.

Non-CCA Exposure
School-wide programmes and art instructional curriculum were used as platforms to expose students to art forms. Music, art and drama were included as part of the lower secondary curriculum. Furthermore, various platform to expose students with performing arts includes aesthetic audition for all secondary-1, morning assembly, enrichment programme, CWSS Recess Time Concert, post-examination activities and attending external performances.

In addition, non-performing art students were given opportunities to participate in the audition for Teacher's Day Celebration Concert, Talent Showcase and newly implemented CWSS Recess Time Concert, which provided them opportunities to perform at various platforms. Selected students were given the opportunities to train under professional trainers or teachers and put up a performance in the various concerts mentioned.

CWSS Recess Time Concert


Annual CWSS Talent Showcase

Eclat 2.0 performance in 2018
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