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The TrailBlazer Programme

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Maker Education has taken a different form in 2019. On top of our previous Maker Thursdays, the school runs a TrailBlazer Thursdays which includes various types of Making so as to cater to the diverse interests and talents of our students. Students have the option to sign up for any types of making.

This includes the following: 
    • Aesthetic Enrichment Programme
    • Arteastiq Programme
    • CRiSP Programme (For CRiSP students)
    • Digital Making
    • Library Making
    • Maker Thursdays
    • Tinkering Kitchen

Our TrailBlazer Thursdays are held on most of the Thursday afternoon at various places, e.g. d.space (Maker space), Cordon Bleu (Kitchen), Imaginarium (Library), Sandbox (Computer labs), Louvre (Art room) etc. Students are free to sign up any programmes they are interested in. TrailBlazer Thursdays also give students the opportunity to drop in to work on projects or pick up new skills. Students can also pursue their own projects. 

Some TrailBlazer Thursday activities that have been conducted include:
    • 3D printing
    • Craft making e.g. Scrapbooking, Clay Making
    • Paper Circuit game making, the making of musical instruments
    • Cardboard Making– the building of cardboard Furniture, vehicles, games etc
    • Repair Kopitiam - students learn to repair common household items brought by the public (in collaboration with Sustainable Living Lab)
    • Sewing wearable electronics
    • Redesigning Tamiya Cars
    • Chocolate 101 Making
    • Pasta 101 Making
    • Action Story writing workshop
    • Songwriting, Trailer and Music Video Editing workshop, Pop Piano Workshop
    • String Art, creative art expression
    • Smart Phone Video Production
    • Soldering and circuit making with electronics e.g. LED Cardboard Table Lamp etc
    • Animated GIF creation workshop

TrailBlazer Thursdays- Circuit Making @ Maker Thursdays


Recess time making


TrailBlazer Thursdays- 3D printing workshop @ Maker Thursdays


TrailBlazer Thursdays- Chocolate 101 workshop @ Tinkering Kitchen



TrailBlazer Thursdays- 

String Art, creative art expression @Aesthetic Enrichment Programme


TrailBlazer Thursdays@Digital Making


TrailBlazer Thursdays-Library Making


Maker Education for our staff