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The TrailBlazer Programme

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The TrailBlazer Programme (TBP) aspires to discover and build creative confidence in our students, and develop Commonwealthians to become Imaginative TrailBlazers who are adventurous and enterprising in trying new things and making purposeful creations.

We aim to equip Commonwealthians with the following traits and mindsets.

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Commonwealth Secondary School adopted Maker Education since 2014. Over the years, it has expanded into the TrailBlazer Programme where students have the freedom to choose any types of purposeful making and creation. All Commonwealthians are encouraged to take part in TrailBalzer Programme through the following ways:

  1. TrailBlazer Workshops offered by school
    Every week, a wide range of making/creating workshops are offered for students to sign up. There are different types of making to cater to the diverse interests and        talents of our students. This includes
    o STEM-based making
    o Digital Maker
    o Aesthetics Maker (Dance, Music, Video, Production & Hosting etc.)
    o Arteastiq and Master Art Class (Art Maker)
    o Tinkering Kitchen (Food Maker)
    o Wordsmiths (Creative Writing)
    o Special workshops offered by fellow Commonealthians

2. Self-Initiated Projects
    Students are strongly encouraged to initiate their own making/creating projects beyond what are offered by school. To start a self-initiated project, students can
    o Extend from what they learn from school-offered TrailBlazer Workshops (supported by TrailBlazer teachers)
    o Take up an extension topic of an academic subject and create a product to deepen learning (supported by Academic Programme Departments)
    o Take up a design challenge and create a solution to improve others’ life (supported by Design Thinking teachers)
    o Pursue own interest and passion to make any type of purposeful creations

From July 2021, Thursday afternoons are TrailBlazer Space time for all Commonwealthians. During TrailBlazer Space time, students can either take part in TrailBlazer Workshops of their interest or work on their self-initiated projects, at various places such as D.space (Maker space), Cordon Bleu (Kitchen), Imaginarium (Library), Sandbox (Computer labs), Louvre (Art room), Design Loft, or even at home as part of Blended Learning.  

Through TrailBlazer Programme, all students can be recognized for the values of adventurousness and enterprise they demonstrate.  Their creations will be celebrated, they can build their creativity portfolio, and they will also have the opportunity to participate in various exhibitions and competitions.

Some of the TrailBlazer Programme activities that have been conducted include:

3D printing Workshop (STEM Making @ D.space)

01 STEM Making - 3D Printing.png


Hydraulic & Pneumatic Engineering Home-based Workshop (STEM Making)

02 STEM Making - Hydraulic  Pneumatic Engineering.png

Various Making @ D.space

03 STEM Making at D.Space.png


Micro:bit Remote Control Car Workshop (Digital Making)

04 Digital Making - Microbit Remote Control Car.png

Needle Felting Art Workshop (Arteastiq)

05 Arteastiq - Needle Felting.png


Master Art Class (Arteastiq)

06 Arteastiq Master Art Class.png


Cake Pop Workshop (Tinkering Kitchen)

07 Tinkering Kitchen - Cake Pop.png

Photography Workshop (Aesthetic Making)

08 Aesthetics Making - Photography.png

Various Aesthetic Making - Music, Dance, Vocal, Video Production

09 Aesthetics Making - Music Dance Vocal Video Production.png

Making in Academic Programmes

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