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At Commonwealth Secondary School, we endeavour to provide all students with opportunities to experience and participate in the arts.

Our Arts programme comprises school-wide programmes, the Art and Music instructional curriculum, CCAs and enrichment programmes in art forms such as music, art, drama, dance, digital and visual art.

  • We provide every student with the opportunity to appreciate the arts e.g. through performing arts assembly programmes, the Music, Art and Drama curriculum, and by attending professional performances.
  • We develop talented students to their fullest by igniting passion and inspiring excellence by providing training, exposure and opportunities to perform at various platforms.
  • We contribute to the community as ambassadors for the arts. Students from performing arts CCAs and interest groups frequently showcase their talents at various performing platforms such as major school events, school concerts and to the community.

In the area of CCAs, our Band, Chinese Dance, Choir, Drama, Indian Dance, Malay Dance have a proud history of excellence. Most recently, the school added the Urban Nature percussion band to our family of Performing Arts CCAs.

Performing Arts CCA students have many opportunities to perform, including at school events and at external events such as National Day celebrations in the community. Students also benefit from workshops, masterclasses and overseas trips to enrich their learning.

Students who do not participate in Performing Arts CCAs are provided with other opportunities to develop their interest in this area, including performing at school events such as the annual Talent Showcase and Recess Time Concerts. Selected students are also given the opportunity to train under professionals to hone their skills.

The school was awarded the National Arts Education Award (Glow Award) in 2011 and 2015 in recognition of our holistic arts education programme.

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