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Internationalisation Trips

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In Commonwealth Secondary School, we believe that no single element of learning works in isolation and that learning can take place beyond the classroom. As such, our internationalisation trips create authentic learning environments to provide opportunities for all Commonwealthians to learn and interact with people of different cultures. Through these trips, we hope that Commonwealthians will develop our school's WEALTH values and, humanistic, cultural and ethical values such as peace, friendship and collaboration.  

Internationalisation trip to Vietnam
Internationalisation trip to Vietnam
Students on a visit to Hong Ha School

Furthermore, learning by doing through field trips and school exchanges provides students with opportunities to immerse themselves in a foreign culture. It also gives them a chance to expand their understanding of global affairs. This also helps our Commonwealthians to become more self-confident, more independent, develop greater self-esteem and have greater trust in their skills and abilities.  Commonwealthians are able to learn about language, food, customs and how to build relationships and find common ground with people who are different. In today's globally connected world, these are essential skills a confident learner must possess.

Sapa 2018.jpeg
Jia En and Jia Yao presenting.JPGGroup discussion during debrief 2.jpeg
Our students on a trip to Sapa, VietnamPresentation by our students Our students discussing during one of their nightly debrief sessions

No matter what the future holds for them, we are confident that the experience of travelling and interacting with people around the world can provide Commonwealthians with invaluable lessons that they will carry with them for life. 

Group photo at Nankai.jpeg
Nankai school exchange 2.jpeg

School Exchange in Nankai, China