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School Rules


All CWSS students are expected to show high standards of behaviour, in school and outside school. When students misbehave in class / school, they will be dealt with by the relevant authorities. The relevant authorities include Class Mentors, Subject Teachers, Year Heads, Discipline Master / Mistress, Vice-Principals and Principal.


School rules provide guidelines for acceptable student behaviour and conduct. Every student is expected to be familiar and to comply with these stipulated rules. These rules apply within the school premises and at all other school-organised activities held outside the school.


All Commonwealthians are expected to

  • be courteous, respectful and considerate towards all members of the school community.
  • be honest and not cheat, steal or alter official school documents.
  • be punctual for lessons and all other activities.
  • Wear the school uniform with pride, and maintain high standards of personal grooming.
  • Take care of the school environment and common property.
  • Strive for the highest possible standards in all work and assignments.
  • Conduct himself / herself in a way worthy of a Commonwealthian regardless of where he/she is.

Attire and appearances

School Uniform

1. Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform and no modification to the uniform is allowed.

2. The school uniform comprises a blue blouse with blue skirt for the girls and a blue shirt with shorts (for lower secondary boys)/trousers (for upper secondary boys).

3. Skirts must be at knee-length for girls.

4. Shorts and trousers must not be tight for the boys. Male students are not to alter or taper their trousers.

5. Sleeves of shirts or hemlines of trousers must not be folded.

6. Students are to be in the full uniform on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

7. On Tuesdays and Fridays which are CCA days, students can come in half-uniform, i.e. a blue collared T-shirt and level T-shirt respectively.

8. Students must wear their school ties during weekly assembly and on designated days. Shirt collars must be buttoned when ties are worn.

9. Students are not allowed to wear coloured T-shirts inside their school uniform. 

Under PE Attire

2. PE Attire

1. PE attire comprises a blue collared T-shirt / white round neck T-shirt with PE shorts.

2. Students are allowed to be in their blue collared T-shirt / white round neck T-shirt if they have first period PE lesson on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

3. After PE lesson, students are required to change back to their full uniform during the next recess or lunch break on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

4. Students may be in stipulated attire for CCAs, including Saturdays and during school holidays. This may include PE or school T-shirts.

Under Hair and Accessories

5. For boys:

-       Hair must be short, neat and not touch the ears and the shirt collar.

-       Hair must be sloped at the back.

-       Sideburns should not exceed half the ear length.

-       Neat in appearance, clean-shaven and no facial hair is allowed.

6. Jewellery And Accessories

Students are not allowed to wear jewellery, accessories (e.g. friendship band, wrist band and energy band) and make-up. Only female students are allowed to wear a pair of small and simple studs.

Religious ornaments must be worn discreetly / covered up.

No tinted glasses are to be worn. Trendy spectacle frames are strongly discouraged.

No coloured contact lenses or lenses with patterns on them are to be worn. 

Under school rules>general conduct>conduct


2. Punctuality

Students are encouraged to report to school early.

Students are expected to be at the assembly area by 07 30.

Students are considered late if they fail to be at the assembly area with their class at 07 30 without a valid reason.

Consequences of late-coming as follows: 

Number of times late Action(s) Taken

01 Verbal warning

02 Verbal warning

03 Restitution – Early Reporting (by 07 15 to Student Manager) for next 2 days + parents informed

04 Restitution – Early Reporting (by 07 15 to Student Manager) for next 4 days

05 After-School Detention (2 hr)

06 After-School Detention (2 hr) + Meeting with Parent

07 After-School Detention (2 hr) + “Fair” Conduct

08 After-School Detention (2 hr) + “Poor” Conduct + Meeting with Parent

> 08 School’s discretion, including suspension from school/lessons

For students who have 5 or more times latecoming and arrive later than 8 am (i.e., late for more than ½ hour) will serve an additional 1-hr after-school detention on top of the above consequences 

Students will not be eligible for MOE Edusave awards and bursaries if their conduct is assessed to be “Fair” or “Poor”.

Under Respect for National Anthem/School song

3.1 Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and recite the pledge with pride. Students will take the pledge with the right fist placed over the heart.

Under Safety in buildings

1. Lightning Alert System (LAS) ( this is also duplicated as points 7 and 8)

 Whenever the “Flashing Red Ligh” and the warning siren are..

Under School property

1. Students must not litter the classrooms, special grooms and school grounds.






Category of OffencesActions to be Taken
 1. Drug abuse / glue sniffing*
  • Dentention
  • Corrective work order
  • *Caning
  •  In-house suspension
  • Out-of-school suspension

Follow-up actions:
  • Reflection
  • Counselling
  • Community Involvement Projects
  • Parental Involvement
  • Collaboration with external organisations (e.g. Police Dept / Prison Dept / MCYS and etc)

*Caning is only for the boys
2. Gangsterism / extortion* 
 3. Intention to cause hurt*
4. Possession of weapons* 
 5. Smoking / possession of cigarettes*
 6. Theft / misappropriation of other people's Property*
 7. Vandalism / arson*
 8. Cheating in common tests or examinations
 9. Defying and challenging authority
 10. Fights / bullying / threatening
 11. Forgery
 12. Gambling
 13. Possession of pronographic materials
 14. Truancy
 15. Act acts, behaviour of usage of language that bring dishonour to the schoo
 * Such cases will be handed over to the police / relevant authorities