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Commonwealth Secondary School believes that every child is unique and can grow to champion something worthy in the future. Anchored in our WEALTH values (Warmth, Enterprise, Adventurousness, Loyalty, Tenacity, Honour), every child is mentored by a Champion Mentor from Sec 1 to graduation, to be a Compassionate Leader. They will discover their strengths, strive for excellence and identify a meaningful purpose that they would champion. 

We are a thriving community for innovation, discovery, expression and accomplishment. We nurture Confident Learners with a Growth Mindset and the 5 Minds (Disciplined, Synthesising, Creating, Respectful, Ethical) for the future.

As the West Zone Centre of Excellence for Design and Innovation, we develop Imaginative Trailblazers through school-wide Design Thinking and Trailblazer Maker education. These 2 signature programmes give students the opportunity to express and nurture their creative ability.